New website for 2014 so we'll show you some of our past shows every so often.

When Daryle Singletary was coming into town, Glynn Events got the call and took care of him. Really nice guy, hopefully he'll be back soon!

Great Golden Isles Yard Sale

3 Times a year, over 7,000 shoppers converge on the Yard Sale Craft Show Festival known as the Great Golden Isles Yard Sale.

Georgia Sea Islands Festival

This is the oldest Gullah-Geechee Festival and for the last 10 years, Glynn Events has been helping keep the heritage alive.

Darien Fall Fest

If there is a single small community that truly loves special events, it has to be Darien. Broad Street comes alive with electric guitars and bagpipes.

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There’s so much in the works for 2014-2015, you won’t want to miss any of it.

We’re integrating a sign up form on so that we’ll let you know what is coming up and what we’re working on.

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Gear For Sale:

Always upgrading, we may have what you're looking for. Contact for specifics.

Speakers & Subs
Road Cases
Mic Stands
Instrument Mics & Vocal Mics
Mixer & Snakes
Direct Boxes
Mic cables
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Relay For Life

Working with the committees in 4 counties over the years has been tremendously gratifying.

We've worked with Glynn, McIntosh, Effingham and Liberty counties for over 10 years and have seen at least a million dollars raised by their communities.

As our focus shifts towards other events, we appreciate the work that they do for everyone.


Second Sunday
Gascoigne Bluff

GA Sea Islands Festival
Gascoigne Bluff

Great Golden Isles Yard Sale
Mary Ross Waterfront Park

Sunshine Festival
Neptune Park, Saint Simons

Second Sunday
Gascoigne Bluff

Second Sunday
Gascoigne Bluff

Great Golden Isles Yard Sale
Mary Ross Waterfront Park

Second Sunday
Gascoigne Bluff